2nd Y axis stops part way through jobs

Has anyone encountered issues where part way through jobs one (the far side, in my case) of the y axis motors just stops moving the other one and the x keep going ruining the projects and sending the gantry completely askew?

I have made thee very expensive pieces of firewood this week.

When I stop the machine and move it manually with UGS it works fine again. I re-aligned the gantry and tried again. It work fine for two projects and then did it again.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Had this while playing around with the grbl configuration when the maximum travel rate was set too high, i.e. the $111-command. Note that the value “too high” depends on several things, e.g. the tightness of the excentric nuts, etc.

@Torminater Torrey: Check:

  1. The delrin wheel tightness.

  2. The anti-backlash nuts

  3. The motor coupler. A couple of guys here even had the motor spindle snap. It still managed to move the axis somewhat, but obviously, was erratic.

  4. The motor cable at both ends. Make sure the cable if firmly in both at the controller and at the motor.

Finally, switch the Y axis cables at the controller to see if the problem changes sides. If it does, I would look for something wrong with the motor driver in the controller. If it does not, it’s like one or more of 1-3 above.

Thank you. I will try slowing it down a bit to see if that helps.

I have triple checked the anti backlash nut, and wheel tightness, etc.
However, I never considered switching the Y1 and Y2. Thanks for that, at least that will help narrow it down.