3d Printed files for Sienci Dust Shoe?

I tried poking around but did not see the printer files for the dust shoe. I broke the holder the knobs go in taking it off the machine.

Be a little careful with those parts, the orientation they are printed is not ideal for strength but I understand why they printed it this way, much easier to print and no supports needed.

Will try gluing it but figured I could reprint them at higher temp to increase layer adhesion. Or use PETG so they would have a little more flex.


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In the Onshape document there is an “Archives” folder…“CAD Imports” folder…“Dust Shoe Base” file.
Check to see if it matches with what you have.


There’s more stuff in there, but I need to get on my desktop, to help you out some more. Can’t view everything from my mobile :grin:

I’ll look I did not know there was an archives - Onshape is not a tool I have ever used before.

well I found it in sub-assemblies, but the latest version V8 does not match the shipping dust shoes, so I suspect its not in there yet.

The parts are presently located in Sub-assemblies → Dust Shoe → Dust Shoe V8 → Dust shoe base. They’re the Left and Right mounts :+1:

OK I get it, i was looking for them in the list of parts in the folder. I see now. Thank you.

Ya, there you go :+1::+1:
Thanks Chris

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I uploaded a design to Thingverse that just slips over the router, and is for a smaller shop-vac with a 1.25" suction tube. Makes it easy to just slide all the way up when finding “zero”, and uses the Makita clamp hardware. Check it out, hope it’s useful to others:


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