5 volt coolant line to control router

Can the 5 volt coolant line output be used (through a relay) to turn on my router?

Does the system turn this 5 volt output on when I start my cut? Off when it’s done. Or does gSender allow me to control it?

So little time…. so many questions

First off welcome to the forum, a lot of nice folks here that help each other out.

You can use the coolant control to power the router. I use this one to power my router and vacuum. Then after it is hooked up to the coolant you send M8 to turn it on and M9 to turn it off. You can add the M8 and M9 a couple different ways. You can do it in gSender with the start/stop g-code or you can add it to the start and stop sections of your post processor in your CAD/CAM software. You can also control it manually in gSender on the coolant tab, I do this a lot to use my vacuum, just turn the router switch off and turn on coolant. If you do that you have to remember to turn the router switch back on or your in for a surprise next time you use the machine.

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Thank you. That’s very helpful. .

I might be a good for the Sienci guys to use a couple of spare arduino ports to allow activation of both the router and vacuum.

Of course I always think technology is the answer.

I get my machine next week

Well according to this blog post they are working on a new control board so we will have to wait and see what it brings to the table.

In the meantime I’m happy with the relay I have. It has 2 normally off plugs, one normally on, and one always on. I haven’t found a use for the plug that is normally on but turns off when the relay is active. The other 3 I use all the time.