7.3 and machine does not move

Downloaded 7.3 and installed, but now when I ask the machine to jog or go to zero, graphically I see it move on screen, but the actual machine does nothing. Was working on 7.0 before this and had no problems.

@gcronin Welcome to the group, Glen. Iā€™m sure that you will find that it is made up of very knowledgeable Mill owners, all willing to help out.

Easy questions first. Since everything worked well in .7.0, did anything hardware-related change?

If not, and if you are running Windows, I would suggest that, in Control Panel, Programs, you uninstall all installed versions of gSender and re-install .7.3.

If you are not running gSender in Windows, follow the same uninstall and re-install process in your OS.

Report back if that helped at all.

Thank you for the quick response.

Nothing on the hardware side has changed and I am running in Windows, so I will do as you recommend and uninstall all versions and reinstall 7.3. Will update once done with that process.


@gcronin were you able to get this resolved? Or perhaps after having updated to 0.7.5?