About diode laser

I would like to know if it is possible for me to use this laser on my longmill

What else will I need?


Welcome to the group. You should be able to use it provided you can make a mount for it and it has it’s own power supply. The only thing you need to connect to is the PWM connector on the LongMill controller. Just be aware the LongMill controller cannot be used to power the laser.


@celojp79 Welcome to the group.

As Heyward said, it should work as it seems to accept pwm modulation. I don’t see anything in the link that you posted about a supplied power supply. So, again, as Heyward said, you will need to supply one that can accept the unit’s draw. I must admit that I don’t understand how a laser with a stated output of 80W is only consuming 40W of power at an advertised 4A, but then, I’m far from being an electrical engineer.


Haha its simplest Chinese math: Declararion of 0.8W → 2$, declaration of 80W-> 320$.

But no, it is called Q-switching. In cutting applications the laser beam is not continuous but pulsed to achieve such a high power. So 80W could be the maxinum pulse power.

Anyways, I would be careful with Chinese declarations about laserpower.

@JHahn Tks, Jannik. I know about pulse power. As you said, I would be very leery of the power declaration. Even for pulse, that 80W sounds awfully high to me. Just my opinion, though, and it’s worth exactly what has been paid for it. :grinning:

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Thanks for the answers!!!

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