Accidental zero of an axis

I know this topic was mentioned back on April 22, but that discussion is closed. I recently switched to Gsender 1.1.7 on my Homebuilt CNC. Very happy. My only real problem is the go to zero and setzero buttons are too similar, and several times I have messed up coordinated that I set up manually by accidentally hitting set zero instead of go to zero. I think it would be very helpful if the goto and set0 buttons were a different shape or color from one another. Another option would be to have a “undo “button that you could click to undo a previous jog or zero command. This button could be on the main screen, or even in a drop-down under set up or something. I understand it would be a hassle to have a “click to confirm your choice” window or button every time you did a command, so I am not asking for that, but possibly undo button. Or, if you didn’t actually want to build a button on the interface, a keyboard shortcut command that you could hit, for example, control C, to undo the previous command.

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did this a lot, until I got paranoid of those buttons

I like the control Z option???

Ya, I use carbide create to design my cuts and in that program control z is the undo command and I find it helpful.

I vote for a longpress required for set zero button, this way an accidental click/tap wont do anything.

A safety backup in the mean time might be to set the same zeros in another workspace, G55, at the beginning of the project when the same zeros are set for G54. If zeros are overwritten in G54, user can switch workspace to G55, select goto zero, switch back to G54 and save those zeros.


Once you get comfortable with a program, none of this will be important. Get some mileage with it, it will be just fine and you won’t want to change anything.

One of the things I sometimes do which may mitigate this, is to set the zero in two workspaces. So if you mess up one you have the backup values in another workspace.

Next release will have an opt-in setting that forces a confirm on zero - it’s off by default but will guarantee you don’t zero when you don’t mean to if you prefer that option.

We’re going to re-evaluate the DRO area design in general sometime in the near future to move the buttons further apart. This will likely come with the official 4-axis support version.