Advice for Laptop

Newbie here… My Longmill build is nearly completed and now I need to purchase a laptop. What specs are recommended for proper operation? Thanks in advance.

Nothing fancy, if you just using it to run UGS and feed the Longmill. Not a Chrome Book - WIndows 10. If you are going to be using it for creating designs that might effect you decision. I’m using an 8 year old desk top running Windows 10.

Welcome, Jeff.

Regardless of the laptop you choose, make sure you set the OS to not reduce power to the USB ports whether on battery or wall power. The default in windows 10 is to scale the power down and it will mess up the connection to the controller. Been there, done that.


Thanks for the info.

Wow, good to know. Maybe this should be in the manual @chrismakesstuff? (if not already there, about to start assembling mine today, fingers crossed all the parts are ok).