Alarm 3 - Sudden Stops

Good morning, yesterday I started getting an error on the machine. The machine is over a year old and Ive never seen this one before.
-OS Ubuntu Studio
-No gcode loaded or running
-Latest and greatest Firmware (Sept 2021)
-Latest and greatest Gsender
-I used Arduino to clear and upload the new firmware, no change

If I hit X , Y or Z jog directions with any distance in the setting (XY-5mm - 300mm/ Z-2mm-5mm) the machine makes an abrupted stop and has to be reset, code given is Alarm 3.
Sometimes it will jog correctly then most times it just stops.
Im too afraid to load a file and see if it runs fine due to ruining material.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
Thanks in advance

Do you have limit switching with Soft Limits enabled?
If so, disable Soft Limits and it should work fine.

I don’t have limit switches, that’s kind of what I understand the error is. It thinks I have switches which I do not.

I also went and double checked the homing settings in the firmware and none are on…

Can you get a video? DOes it sound like the machine is trying to move?
Does Alarm 3 come before or after you reset?
Alarm 3 means that your controller was reset while in motion. This could be something simple like a bad USB cable or it could be a bad case of EMI.
If you disconnect the motors from the controller (power off any time you disconnect or reconnect the motors), connect through gSender and try to jog…does the visualizer show that the jog is working ok?

I dont have a video of this happening but when it returns I can make sure and video it. I did finally get a job to run and after the job ran, I jogged the machine in all directions and it ran just fine but im not 100% sure its fixed yet. I’ve shut it down for the day but to answer a few questions, Yes the machine actually moves, it just bumps and gsender would show a movement of something around .34 mm on the X or Y but yes the motors do turn and it did show in the visualizer.

Alarm 3 was happening and the reset was the only way to unlock it.

UPDATE: So running the machine this weekend reproduced this issue but I finally found the cause. About a week and a half ago I went through and performed maintenance on the machine and during this time I vacuumed around all the electronics, this had me place my IOT device on top of the controller and I never put it back in its place so what happened is while the cable chain would move back and forth it was hitting the IOT and pushing into the buttons located on the top of the controller and periodically pushing the stop button.

Boy was I quite embarrassed when I figured out what it was but also happy it wasn’t anything expensive.

Thanks for the input on trying to help.