Any plans to allow autozero touchplate to work from the other corners?

I know that the AutoZero touchplate currently only finds XY from bottom left corner of the work piece but are there any plans to add the option to zero from any of the other three corners?

Here’s the reason why I would like to see that feature:
A project I’m working on in Vectric desktop has forced me to set the XY Datum Position to the bottom right hand corner for some of the pieces in order to mirror my cuts to other pieces and which have different dimensions to make the design clear enough to keep it straight in my mind. When I went to zero the bit for this piece is when I discovered that it doesn’t zero XY correctly from the bottom right corner.

I do realize that once I have completed my design in Vectric I can switch the XY Datum Position back to the bottom left, but my concern is that I may forget to do this if there are multiple iterations of design/carving.

Lastly, when using the AutoZero Touchplate to zero the bit, why does it it have to then move the router to the Zero position? When I tried to zero from the bottom right, after the probing was finished the bit was moved into the edge of the touchplate and then tried to go to the Z position with is much lower than the outside most edge of the beveled area of the touchplate . Luckily I didn’t break my bit or damage the touchplate. Wouldn’t it be better once the Zeroing process was complete to simply put the bit in the center of the AutoZero TouchPlate and then retract Z to a safe height above the touchplate? The user could then simply remove the touchplate and click on the ‘Goto XYZ’ button to put it to that position if they wanted (it’s not actually necessary to start from the Zero XYZ position in order for your carve be successfull).


@rblondeau I’ve moved your post to the gSender board, Rob, so that the gSender team will be sure to see it.

Very delayed update but touching off any corner with both regular touchplates and auto zero touchplates will be available in the upcoming EDGE build (1.3.7).

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