April 21 - April 28, 2023 "A Project You Gifted" Contest

Hey everyone. Thank you to those who entered this week’s contest, where we asked makers to share their favourite furniture projects with us.

We are happy to announce that Phonic Bloom, Christopher Thompson, Reo Jibran, Jean-Pierre Houde, Kenny Silvern, and Fotios Sklomponakis are the winners of the "A Project That is Furniture” contest! Lookout for a prize!

This week’s theme is “a project you gifted”! Post any project you gave to someone, whether it be a custom sign, gift, or any other item made with the LongMill, and we’ll choose our favorites to send our makers cool stuff.

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Happy creating!

End grain maple cutting board. New to Longmill. Best juice groover ever!


Made a stacked/3d photo thing as a gift for newly-wed friends! I didn’t have the laser at the time so I used a 1/32nd tapered ball nose bit to cut through 1/8” birch ply for 8 layers to stack together and make a 1” thick picture with frame.

Roughly 40ipm on the feed rate and did 1/32” depth of cut per pass.

A jig or something to better register the pieces when glueing them together would’ve helped in hindsight. It still has the effect I wanted and they loved it. The latter is what matters most!


My early teen nephews love all things Nike Air Jordan. Made these couple pictures/ wall art from 2 salvaged cherry cabinet doors and incorporated red, black and clear epoxy inlay.
Finished with Rubio monocoat-Pure.


As a beginning longmill user, I am primarily focussing on learning how to run my laser module. The stuff that comes out, I either gift away or sell for material costs -when it’s a request-. This is to get stuff out there, doing the best advertisement one can get.

One day my mom called, she was going to visit. During her stay, I had the longmill working on an experiment I wanted to try out for a while. Laser-etching a teak bowl. I used a picture of my grandmother and just let the machine run on a focus floating a few mm above the actual deepest point of the bowl. It came out magical and was the best gift I could possibly have come up with. Tears 'n all.

It also depended on a ton of luck, getting it right first try round. I’ve still to match the result in other bowls, but I know it can be done, and now I’m obsessed with trying to outdo that first fortunate break I had.

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This is awesome. Well done!