AutoZero Probe Starting Location Other Than Lower Left


Using the Sienci auto zero touchplate and gSender, I’ve been looking for info on setting a starting location other than lower left corner of my workpiece. It doesn’t work with the fence I have created. I would like to start at the upper left, where I have a corner fence. Any ideas on how to do that? Everything IO read says you have to be lower left.

To take that a step further, when I got my Longmill Mk2, I ordered the sensors, not really knowing how to use them. I see there was a more detailed video on YT showing some advanced features. I have to rewatch as it didn’t make a lot of sense at this point. The second question would be setting a point(s) on my table using the sensors that are repeatable, even if I lose power, shut it down, have the machine go wonky, etc. Is this possible?

I appreciate any help as a new user. I’ve got a million questions but using experience to learn most of what I can before asking.

This is possible using workspaces. You can see which workspace you are in in the upper right corner of gSender. You start in workspace G54 and G54 through G59 are available. Any position that you have zeroed your machine to is saved in EEPROM and persists through power off.

So for example I do almost all my work in G54 but I have G59 set to zero in the center of my spoil board. So as long as I home the machine I can switch to G59 and Go to X 0, Y0, Z0 and my machine is in the center of the board. Then I switch back to G54 and hit Zero All and now G54 is zeroed to the center of the board.

So as long as you home before setting zero in a workspace you can always get to the same point as long as you haven’t moved the sensors.

As i side note if you are just working in a workspace and don’t have it backed up to another you can still go to the zeroed position if you lose power, just home and go to XYZ zero.

This is not supported by gSender at this time. It has been brought up before but I’m not sure if they are planning on implementing it in gSender.

It is possible to probe in any direction as you can see if you read this section about G38. The problem is it will set zero to the point where the bit touches the block and it will be off by half the bit diameter, so some math would be required, adding or subtracting half the bit diameter to what the current position for that axis is and then using G10 L2, I think, to set the zero.

So I think it may be possible to write a macro to probe for the upper left but I have not tried. Maybe someone else can elaborate on probing a different corner and correct me if I am wrong.

That should get you pointed in the right direction anyway.

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Awesome information Michael! Thank you very much. It sounds like as long as I set up my sensors and have a home position, I can create points or workspaces on my spoilboard. So I wouldnt need to xy anywhere if i start with a template that references my workspaces.

Very excited to set this up!

Thank you again for your thourough explanation - greatly appreciated!

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You are most welcome sir! I would like to add that the section I wrote about the probing, I was thinking of the normal touch plate. The auto zero touch plate complicates things even more as I’m not sure how that one works :frowning: