Best table size

What would be the best table size that I would need to build for the 30x30 MK2?

Should I build an enclosure to reduce noise levels?

I went 48x48 and wish I had gone wider. Nice to have some space for the laptop and other essentials. As for a sound enclosure, I have NONE and even with my Ridgid Shop Vac going, it is only 85 decibles. If you can isolate the vacuum to another area, I don’t think a sound enclosure is required.

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I went with Sienci’s recommendation of 60"x48" for a good table size for the 30x30 Longmill. It works fine for me. I added drawers to the front and dust collection underneath the table. I put sliding doors on the back of my table to reduce the noise coming from the dust collection. For me I think an enclosure would be in my way more than the benefit of the noise reduction it would provide. My recommendation would be to use your CNC a while before making that call.

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I am a 30x30 MK1 owner. I went with 4’x6’ for my table and don’t regret having the extra space to the side. I opted to build an enclosure approx. 4’x4’ around the machine to help with noise, dust and fumes from the laser I added. I built my enclosure a full 3.5 feet tall so I don’t have to duck or anything when doing maintenance or fastening stock in the enclosure. I added a back door on the bottom half of the back side, not part or the original plan, that allows for pass through work and easier maintenance at the rear of the the machine.

EDIT: I also made a long slot from left to right, hidden under a section of removable spoil board that allows boards to be mounted vertically. The board is secured with a moxon vise under the table and this setup lets me mill on the end of boards for dovetail joints etc. It’s worth considering in your design depending on the type of work you do. I knew I wanted to try box making and some different joinery methods so that’s why I incorporated the vertical mount in my table.


Should my table be stationary or can it be mobile?

Mine is not mobile, I had to move it once and it was a PITA. I think that retractable casters would be a good choice as it’s like not having them until you need them.

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Would anyone recommend these for a table build? I would like for it to be really sturdy since I plan on using 4x4’s for the legs with retractable casters.
I would also like to use joist hangers for the 2x4’s to keep the top flat. I am going to build a 48x60 table.

I would think the brackets would work fine. I just have 2x4’s for legs on mine, and they work good.

Thank you, I was also thinking 2x4’s I just didn’t know if it would be strong enough. There is also a 2x4 kit from the same company which I might go with since there are not any of the other brackets available in my area without having to order them.