Bit Plunging On My Z Axis

After making a few signs/flags for the Christmas buying season, I’ve encountered an issue with my Z plunging into my workpieces. I own the Longmill 30x30 and use Carbide Create and gSender. I also use the touch plate. I decided to uninstall both programs and reinstall along with checking everything on my machine which may have loosened over time. I’ve posted in a few groups for answers, so far…no luck. I was in the process of making a few Buffalo Bills flags. HELP !!!

If you have not already done so, perhaps ensure that your drive gears at the top of your “Z” are properly positioned and tight.


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@46er12003 Kevin: Can you post the gcode file for one of the jobs that is glitching?

Hey guys, it appears that I had some static interference. I had made a DIY enclosure for my Longmill to keep most of the dust at bay, unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that the PVC material I made it with and along with the colder temps, that it would have an affect. I did however, unplug from my main power source for 24 hours and all appears to be running smooth. I gathered suggested troubleshooting from the Longmill FB page. Is it possible that the PVC was the culprit or was it just a coincidence?

@46er12003 PVC could very well have been the culprit. The friction from the dust and chips running through it definitely creates static. It’s been a known factor in woodworking shops for as long as I can remember. On long runs, you can see air borne dust sticking to the outside of PVC pipes in the shop. So, while it could have been a coincidence, it’s more than likely an issue with the PVC.

I was going to guess static. Check into grounding your enclosure/vacuum hose. There’s lot of info out there on how to do it. Good luck!