Check those V-screws


So I tried a few cuttings and ran into a problem. Every time I tried a rapid move on the x-axis from left to right the travel would not go all the way but the UGS coordinates reacted as if it had. Also, when the x-axis travel stalled, the machine gave out a loud whine.

After talking with Chris and Andy, I was advised to check the tension on the backlash screws and the v-wheels. I followed their advice and re-adjusted the v-wheel tension on the x-axis gantry and also, to be safe, on the y-axis gantries. n\Now the machine is working perfectly.

The key to these adjustments is to adjust the wheels using the eccentric nuts to the point where the wheels are not too loose but tight enough that they can just be rotated using your fingers. This is documented in the assembly instructions in the Post-Build/ Machine Maintenance section