Chinese 6090 protocol?

I bought a Chinese 6090 CNC. The idea was to learn on this machine and then figure out my next step. I now know the error of my ways, but here I am.

GSender doesn’t see the machine over the USB. Mach3 works on the same USB cable. Are we talking different protocols?

gSender only supports GRBL and grblHAL firmware - if your cnc is running some other firmware (and if Mach3 runs it this is absolutely the case) you will be unable to use gSender with it.

Hello Philip, welcome to the group. I would have thought with all that cigarette money you would have skipped the Chinese starter machine. :laughing:

Joking aside, I assume you are here because you are interested in using gSender or buying a LongMill in the future or both. With that in mind I wanted to mention the possibility of changing the control board for your machine. Sienci recently came out with the SuperLongBoard and you should be able to buy one of those and replace the control board and then use gSender. I can’t speak for Sienci but if you already owned a SuperLongBoard and ordered a LongMill in the future maybe you could get one without a control board for a little discount.

This is just some food for thought. It really depends on what direction you want to go and what you are comfortable doing to your current machine.

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