CNC Wont Respond Anymore

My CNC Stopped Responding (also posted in forum)

I have a 30x30 and I’ve made several projects. Today I a made a project in Aspire and attempted to start a new project, but the machine won’t jog! Not at all. Not on X, Y, or Z . I am using Gsender which worked fine before. In fact this is the first problem I have really had with the Longmill.

I have connected to the previously working COM port and gSender says connected but it still wont jog.

When I run the file, I can see the simulation working but no CNC activity.

I noticed today that when I turned on the controller, I did not hear the usual thump of the Longmill turning on and coming to life.

I have restarted the controller, rebooted the PC (Win10) with no success.

Another post had a similar problem and it was a dead Arduino.

One post I read suggested typing $$ into the console and seeing what comes back but I don’t know what to expect

Is there a way I can send a message to the controller to move it so I can test it?

Any thoughts? More Suggestions to troubleshoot?

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I did go back out to see if I could run $$. I fiddled with the power supply connector at the controller and heard some clicking. So I tried again, and it worked.
Previously I know the LEDs were all illuminated but this time I did notice that
the connector was pulling away from the controller due to twisted wires. So I made sure it would stay connected and that must have been it. I will find a way to better secure the connection


@coco I am going to close this thread, Stephen, since you opened a second one on the same subject. I will leave the other one open since you asked if anyone else has had the loose connection problem and resolved it.