Configuring the touchprobe in the Openbuilds Control app

I started playing around with the Openbuild sender app because it has a WiFi phone connection function. This is very handy for moving the router around wirelessly. However, I tried to configure the probe settings but got movements that I don’t think are normal. You position the tool over the touch area for XYZ and start the probe and it immediately moves to the back right of the touch probe to start the Z probe. The X and Y are also way off from where they should be. I also noted that the Z didn’t lift before attempting a move to X and Y. Does anyone have this working properly and if so what is the secret?

@Gadget047 I moved your topic to the gSender category, Dan. While Sienci tech monitors the entire forum, the gSender team pays particular attention to questions and bug reports in the gSender category.

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Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to put it.

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Dan, are you using gSender or OpenBuilds Control? Because gSender doesn’t have a WiFi phone function

I use gSender but am considering OpenBuilds due to the wireless function. I’m trying to find the gcode for the probe so I can use that in OpenBuilds. I can’t seem to get their probe to work properly.

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Let us know if the wireless rout works out. I have 6G, 5G, and 2.5G wireless and don’t trust any of them with my fingers. Sometimes, I throw my phone out in the yard so it is unreliable. Personally, I would stick with gsender and a RG5 or RG6 hard wire conn.

I think you misunderstand how this works. The OpenBuild sender connects through the USB to the Longmill. The Wifi from the phone connects to OpenBuild by a webpage created in the OpenBuild software that allows you to use it as a joystick to jog around. It is all kept on the local LAN. The machine code is sent from OpenBuild using USB.

ahh, I did misunderstand. I did have issues with UGS and imperial units, might be a conversion issue?