Continue gcode after Alarm

I’m having issues with my NC code stopping, cause by an alarm, from hard limit switch or port connection, which I’m working on trying to fix with new USB cable, grounding and potentially different PC.

My question, when I had get an Port connection error or any other alarm, is it possible to see where the last position of the bit was and continue the program from that line?


I’m not by a machine, but doesn’t gSender tell you how many lines of gcode it’s completed. In your screenshot, you can see how many are left, so…

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Next to the file name you can see the total lines which is the total number of non-comment lines in the file. To the left of the progress bar you can see approximately what line it’s on. I say approximately because you’ll notice the the Time Cutting lines plus the Remaining lines is greater than the total lines. If I had to guess as to why, maybe the lines in the buffer are counted twice?

I have never used continue from line so I’m not sure how it works as far as where the tool head is positioned. Does it make a straight line from where it is to where the start line says to go? How to guarantee that it doesn’t hit some place that’s not supposed to be cut in the first move is my worry.

Thank you, that makes sense. So now the next question, how do I continue from a line…

I know I did little to actually answer your question… Might have to do a test on some scrap to see how it works.

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I have a test Arduino that has GRBL on it but is not connected to an actual machine. I was just playing around with that and when I hit the upper right corner of the Start Job button it brought up a menu with a recommendation of what line to start at and it had a safe height.

I ran part of a job and then stopped the job. I then jogged up and away from where the bit stopped at. When I did the start from line it made a mostly horizontal move to what I think was the new start of the cut in XY and the safe height in Z. It then moved straight down and resumed the cutting.

Hope this info is more helpful.

EDIT: Of course this test didn’t involve any actual errors, alarms or disconnections.

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Hey thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.

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@Holzmichel It appears to me that, between @NeilFerreri and @_Michael , you have the answer to your question, Michael. With luck, with a new USB cable and a different PC, you will never need to test out the “start from” feature of gSender.

I am closing the topic, but feel free to open a new one should you ever need to try that feature and have questions about it.

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