Controller mount side?

When mounting the 30x30, Does the controller have to be on the right side. I would prefer it to be on the left side because that will be the closest to the PC on my shelf… or a much longer USB cable. Not sure how long the USB cable is as I have not unpacked it yet.

Also: When running the Makita and a Shop vac on the same breaker, is that enough form the 15 amp breaker for longer runs. I most likey will not have the vac running all the time. I really don’t want to run another AC line to the garage as it will be difficult.

The controller actually mounts on the left side. Depends on how much amperage your shop vac draws on start up versus running. I started out using a single 15 amp circuit with no problems but eventually used 2 different circuits. May be ok but start your vac first and stabilize then the router possibly.

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THank you, I will keep that in mind.