Creating 1st Spoilboard Layout

As I prepare to layout my spoil board, my plan was to run a 60d v-bit around the perimenter to ensure I’m square and align the spoil board. I noticed with my limit switches, the total distance on XY was slightly less than max travel. (Do I adjust my Eprom settings for this? There is a note under Limits Alm2 and ensuring ($130, $131, $132) aren’t too low. ) But it doesn’t say what they should be set at (or why to change them). And do I disconnect my limit switches for this 1st layout for the spoil board or what do you suggest. Thx, Tim

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I would set $130 - $132 to what the machine actually measures with the machine. To do this home the machine and zero all axis right after homing. Then jog the x as far to the other side as you can go without hitting anything, within a mm or so. You now have the X value displayed in gSender. Do the same for the Y axis to find the Y dimensions. For the Z axis, you might need to move the router up in the mount first, move it down until just before you run out of travel on the linear rails. Use those numbers for $130 to $132. As far as I know it’s the combination of homing and those numbers in $130 to $132 that allow soft limits to works so you don’t run into the side without the switch.

The idea to mark the table with the 60d v-bit sounds fine to me. If you do it with the switches on and $130 - $132 set right it should outline where your machine is able to go and you should only lose a minimum amount of travel unless you have a MK1 with the dust shoe. The MK1 dust shoe loses some space of the right side X so I change $130 depending on if I need the space and am not gonna use the shoe.

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Thanks for the quick reply! I have updated $130 to $132 to the max travel as you noted above! I have the MK2 48x30.
Now after I return to XY it shows 1.00? (different than what it homed at)

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Is that what you get after homing each time? [1, 1]? I can’t reproduce it with gSender or gSender Edge. After I home, the machine is at [0, 0] for machine coordinates, small numbers in gS, every time. I can jog around and return to XY goes back to [0, 0].

Yes after homing and jogging XY and it always comes back 1.0, 1.0 - same for z. If I press go to XY0, it goes to 0, but not with jogging. I’m OK with that since I expect it. I now have my guide cut for my spoil boards to onto the next phase! Thanks again!!