Creating an archlinux package

I spent a couple of hours trying to assemble the package, but to no avail.
Did the following:
1. git clone GitHub - Sienci-Labs/gsender: Connect to and control Grbl-based CNCs with ease
2. bash -c ‘scripts/ --linux --x64’
Error: Cannot find module ‘@trendmicro/babel-config’
Require stack:

  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/core/lib/config/files/configuration.js
  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/core/lib/config/files/index.js
  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/core/lib/index.js
  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/cli/lib/babel/options.js
  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/cli/lib/babel/index.js
  • /usr/lib/node_modules/@babel/cli/bin/babel.js

No package babel-config

3. bash -c ‘scripts/ --linux --x64’
$ electron-builder --linux --x64
• electron-builder version=23.6.0 os=6.1.38-1-lts
• loaded configuration file=package.json (“build” field)
⨯ Cannot compute electron version from installed node modules - none of the possible electron modules are installed.
See electron-builder packages with wrong electron binary version · Issue #3984 · electron-userland/electron-builder · GitHub
error Command failed with exit code 1.

It looks like you didn’t install the node dependencies - it is a javascript project at its core.

Substitute npm run for yarn below if you don’t have yarn installed

yarn install
yarn build-latest
yarn build:linux-x64

All scripts are setup in package.json.

yarn install Executes without errors, and the command:

yarn build-latest

installed the missing dependencies and I see the AppImage and deb packages are assembled :slight_smile:
yarn build:linux-x64

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The binaries were assembled, but the paragram was not executed. After comparing the files, it turned out that there are no app, server directories in output/linux-unpacked/resources/app. I copied them from gSender_1.2.2_amd64.deb and now everything works. Can anyone suggest what could be the problem?

By default, the program is compiled to /opt, is it possible to specify the traditional paths /bin, /usr/lib, etc.?

Until I found a solution how to avoid an error with compiling the package, I created a package in the AUR from the finished binary: AUR (en) - gsender-bin

Understood, I fixed the error when compiling the package.
The program is now available for archlinx: AUR (en) - gsender

It is not clear why the program is not displayed in other languages: Displaying other languages in the program