Cutting T Slots

I want to cut a series of T Slots of various lengths using at Key Hole Bit. One end of the slots will start from the outside bottom of my material and the end of each slot will end before exiting the top of my material. I would like to know how to do this so the Key Hole bit will reverse out of the just cut slot without raising above the material prior to reversing out, and then proceed to cut the next slot. See attached photos. I am using Carbide Create Pro and Gsender on my Longmill. Thanks for all your comments.

@abes39 Hello Abe, I use Vectric VCarve but I think the solution is the same. Make a vector for each slot that goes from the start of the slot (off the board) all the way to the end of the slot and then back all as one vector. And you are probably already doing this but use a profile tool pass, on the line and make sure the tool has a path depth greater than or equal to the depth of cut you want. You would have to do the same thing when making a keyhole, back up and retract through the hole you made going in.

I have had to do a similar thing when making dovetails as they need to be cut in one pass. Hopefully Carbide Create Pro works the same way, I think it should.

Here is a example of what I’ve done to make dovetails. The rectangle are to visualize how wide the bottom of the cut will be and the tool path is one long vector and the bit stays at max depth the whole time.


Thanks Michael. I’ll give that a try.

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