Dead Machine long mill 30x30

Hello All! I’m having issue I hope someone might be able to help. My machine [30x30 LM] seems to have some type of issue. As I always do, I turned the machine on and connect to the laptop. All is good till i go to jug the machine. I can hear the machine try to jog then it stops all together. this is on all axis. The little red light is on so I know it has power. I have unplugged and tried everything I know to do. This happens when I have one of my biggest orders come in, just my luck.
Any suggestions?

@jcorman A little more information please, Jerry.

  1. I assume that your Mill has worked before this issue, yes?

  2. What gcode sender are you using?

  3. You can’t jog the machine. I assume that you cannot run a gcode file either, correct?