Dedicated Laptop / PC Enclosure

Hey all!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We were busy setting up and dialing in the new 48x30 MK2, good times and man, the quality is for real!

Does or has anyone built an enclosure for a dedicated laptop that sits close to the Longmill? Looking for ideas.

I went a different approach. My PC is in a different room on the other side of the wall. The USB cable is long enough to reach. The monitor is cloned to a 2nd screen and use a wireless mouse. The PC never gets near the dust, but I can run it from either location. I also have an analog camera {means no delay} at the Longmill so I can keep an eye on it from either room. I’m building a proper enclosure for the 30x30 now.


That sounds like an ideal setup! Unfortunately we do not have another room for this kind of setup.

I think what I’ll do is make my own enclosure with a lexan screen cover and an independent lexan keyboard cover. I doubt I’d have to access the screen section very often, I may end up just using a Bluetooth keyboard and monitor then keep the laptop below the desk area.

Either way I’ll post up the outcome! Thanks for the reply Lewis, sounds like an amazing setup.