Digital Templating

Good day all. I am planning to hit order on an MK2 very shortly. One of the things I’m interested in is if it’s possible to use the machine to create a template. For example when cutting EVA foam flooring for a boat one of the ways to create the template is to physically cut and draw on plastic sheeting to get an exact floor plan of the boat. In order to take that physical plan and digitize it I’ve seen where you trace the physical plan and save points with the router bit. You then take these points in the software and smooth things out, create your design and then create the tool path to cut the foam. Is this possible with the gsender and the MK2?

Hi Jeremy, you might want to take a look at Carbide 3d V7 (Pro) for some inspiration. That software offers a pretty straightforward method of digitizing (albeit by hand) an underlying photo or picture of your plastic sheeting. Once you have traced your image you can move the underlying vectors around to make fine adjustments. (150$usd) . Vectric should be able to do this as well $$ however its out of my budget.

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Jeremy, most CAD/CAM programs should be able to do this easily. Vcarve and lightburn do this with selecting image and left click on trace vectors. The issue will be more of what size you are wishing to do. Also the machine width may come into play. A 48 X 30 will give you slightly more than 48 on the X axis and in theory unlimited in Y axis by tiling the work through.

Check out Carveco as well, they may still offer a free trial. But like @Mickus said, any CAD/CAM should work.

If you’re drawing something by hand you’ll have to scan it to get the digital file. If it’s too large for a scanner you could take a picture (make sure it’s perfectly perpendicular), re-scale and do it that way.

Mickus - maybe I am misunderstanding you, but are you thinking that I want to trace an image already loaded into the software? What I want to do is trace an image using the cnc/router and have that feed back into the software to create the vector. I appreciate you responding. Its been a few years since I worked with large CNC Milling Machines, we used Ideas software back then, and I’m trying to so something new to me with this idea!

Then I do not know how you would do it the way you suggest unless you can find the software that would take in the tool co-ordinates. Seems like an expensive undertaking for a hobby CNC. It would seem a simple matter to make a drawing or take a photo and upload into a program Like Vetric or lightburn, size the image to the correct dimensions generate the vectors then do the toolpaths to cut out. Hope you can find the answer your looking for, there are a lot more experienced people than I on this site.