Dip Switch Issue

Got my machine this week which is super exciting! Just trying to finish up the build today and I got to the electronics and was checking the dip switches as per the instructions and noticed that one of them is mounted upside down. My instinct is to position the switches like the other three controllers, ignoring the print on the top of the dip switch box but would like some advice on this before i try to get everything going and run into frustration. dip switches

here is a picture to help explain what I mean

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I think you need to contact Sienci on this one. @andy and @chrismakesstuff should be able to assist you. I’m not an electronics engineer so I don’t know if that would work or not. Since I added their name they should see it shortly and respond.

My recommendation is to NOT ignore the printing on the switches. In the picture it looks like the middle switch is set the opposite of the other two, which should be correct. Looks like the middle switch was installed backwards and someone already compensated for it when they set the switches


Thanks for the reply - I will be trying it out shortly.

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