Does Longmill support G2/ G3 commands?

Just wondering if Longmill supports G2 and G3 commands. I am using Artcam with Mach3_4(mm) post processor. When I check the simulation, the curves don’t look smooth, instead they look to be made up of small straight segments. In case it does support, which post processor to be used? Thanks in advance!

Yes GRBL does support G2 and G3 commands. Have you checked if it’s your simulation renderings that need to break the arcs into line segments instead and when you run the cut they are smooth?

It could just be the rendering settings. Although I haven’t cut much but whatever I have, seems to be cutting fine (smooth). Is there any other post processor that would generate G2 and G3 commands instead of breaking curves down to straight segments?

I’m not sure, your best bet is probably to contact the software company directly.