Does the LongBoard Spin Direction really work or is it a nonfunctioning connector?

Has anyone had any actual success wiring the PWNCNC spindle to the Longboard (ver 1.4.3)? I have not been able to find anything online that is helpful. Even the PWNCNC site lacks any documentation that I have found to be helpful. I am able to get it to spin and change the rpm via gSender (1.24 Edge), but I haven’t been successful in making use of the spin direction connection. The spindle also constantly rotates at a low speed. I can simply use the display on the inverter to make it run, but it seems like I would be leaving some useful functions on the table as a result. So, before I toss my controller board or spindle out and move to another one, I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out here. VFD program codes would be appreciated too if any need to be changed to make it work. Many thanks!


Goto the top of the forum and search for “VFD” you will see a topic called "VFD wiring instructions.
The instructions there pertain to a Huanyang VFD and spindle, however they mey provide some insight.

If your PWNCNC came with a setup manual i would certainly use it to get your router functioning correctly. You should be able to get it here
Manuals - PwnCNC

Be careful!

Hi Andy,

I feel I have followed the available instructions for wiring and VFD programming appropriately; however, I have not been able to use gSender to change the spin direction of the spindle which causes me to conclude that this is not a true function offered by the LongBoard though there is a connector labeled as such.

I just received a recommendation from Daniel to make some wiring changes to my LongBoard connection. I’ll provide feedback once I implement those changes. Thanks!

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The recommendations from Daniel worked. I will share later this week thorough instructions on how to set the PWNCNC spindle up, how to wire it to the LongBoard, and programming instructions for both the VFD and gSender. Hopefully the information will help other novices like me in the future.