Drill press stand I progress

I’ve got an upcoming project I’ve been thinking about, and I decided to do a little proof of concept since I was making a stand for my drill press.

It turned out ok. It’s mostly plywood from the scrap heap that was way past it’s prime, so it’s not great. I used a 90 degree v-bit at 100in/min. I started out around 20k rpm, then when I noticed it start heating up I played with the speeds some… Didn’t help. There’s some pretty gnarly scorching throughout.

I really need to get these feeds/speeds down before trying to tackle nicer projects. I’m thinking about a database of decent feeds/speeds for different bit types and materials that we can all contribute to, but I don’t have the skills (yet) to make it happen.

Also, does anyone know how to change feedrate mid-job on ugs platform? There’s already been a couple times I’ve wished I could.


You can change feedrate in-process by choosing Window>Overrides and then adjust feedrates as needed. I’ve done it a few times when things were going a little too slowly.

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Scott beat me to it on overrides. As for plywood burning, one of the main causes of any tool heating up in plywood is the glue used between the plys. I am very new to CNC, but in my woodworking hobby “business”, I have found that drill bits, router bits and even saw blades are punished by plywood, especially cheap stuff.

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