Dust shoe installation

A few questions about the dust shoe and hose adapter installation:

When the two 3mm bolts are inserted back through the slide and the dust shoe bracket, the bolts are too short to engage the nylock on the nuts. Has anyone had an issue with those nuts vibrating lose? Should the bolts be replaced with something longer?

The hose adapter is made with a tab and a shoulder all around the perimeter of it. The tab fits into a slot in the plywood piece and the shoulder butts up against the top of the plywood. The hose adapter does not touch the delrin piece at all. That being the case, what holds the hose adapter in place? Mine is sloppy loose in the plywood and will not stand up by itself, even without a hose attached to it.

Finally, with the router cable facing to the right side, the switch is on the left, tight up against the dust hose adapter. Has anyone oriented the router differently to get around this?

I realize that these are all very minor issues, but I would appreciate hearing how others have addressed them.

Next up: my first project.

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I just wrapped a little masking tape around the hose adapter to make the fit a little more snug. As for the router power switch, you could rotate the router slightly to make the switch easier to get to.


After I took mine out a few time it fell out on its own. I just crazy glues it in place and take the hose off now. Easy fix and you won’t have that problem any more.

Tks much, Greg. I know that it seems like small thing, but I wondered if perhaps I had a wrong part. I’ve glued and siliconed it in place, as it was so sloppy that there was no place to put more than a very small bit of CA. All seems well now.

Tks again for your help. I’ve been reading your posts here. You’ve helped me more than you know.

Your very welcome @gwiki

about that annoying hose attachment on the dust shoe that I keep snapping off and then re-gluing back together makes me wonder about 3d printing in general…is it a case of strength in compression and weak bonding in the lateral direction? I’ve not had the pleasure of working with printed 3d materials before. If someone could enlighten me I’d appreciate it!


I don’t think that is a problem. I think its more of a movement problem with the hose. As the machine moves around it puts more torque of the fitting and shoves it out of the hole. That causes it to fall out. That is why I suggested using CA glue with activator to glue it into place. That fixed my issue.

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Thanks Greg! I’ve been using the same, just more often. I think a few modifications are in order. I’m thinking of reinforcing the tube/ply connection with a bit of hot melt glue and like was mentioned earlier in magnets to hold the brushes on. I am going to reduce the router hole from 82 to 66 while I’m at with an insert piece.

I simply got rid of the supplied part and re-designed the connection. I came up with the magnetic brush idea at the same time. In my case, there was no way that CA glue would do the trick since the gap between the plastic connector and the plywood base was almost 1/8". I tried filling that with silicone, but in the end since I wanted a quick and easy way to remove the brush, I just re-designed the whole thing. My current set up works well.

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I really like your brush setup! I find it annoying to run the router up the z axis only to realise that the brushes block my view of the bit and then I have to move the shoe and I lift it either too high or push it down to low and those wonderful wee tee nuts fall out and aaaarrrrrgggghhhha!!!
I think being able to pull off the bristles would make life just a wee bit easier.
I also want to block the space under the y axis rail to stop the ingress of sawdust around the controller box. Something simple maybe ply or a rubber skirt.

I didn’t glue it to the plywood I glued the two printed parts together. That stopped them from coming out. No big deal though. Glad your refit works out well.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, Greg. It makes much more sense than my approach. I’m happy with my magnet set up now, so all is well that ends well.


Grant, do you have pictures of your dust shoe setup? Or did you post them on another thread?

@Heyward43 They’re here, H.

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Me again. I found the .svg, thanks. Do you, by any chance, have the gcode files? Also what is the slot on the back side of the upper plate for?

Here is the gcode file, H. It’s just one file as I did all three toolpaths with a 1/8" mill.

@Heyward43 The slot in the back of the top plate is for a section of brush. (You can see it in the bad pic in the other thread) The bottom/removable plate has 3 sides of the brush and is open to the back. That way, it can be slid into place past the router. I tried it with the complete brush on the bottom, but to get it past the router, I had to raise Z pretty much to the top each time and fit the plate under and around the bit and the router. This way, it just slips on. The piece of brush on the upper plate fits into the opening in the U-shaped brush on the bottom. Clear as mud?

.125mill_shoe_2.gcode (220.5 KB)

Yep. That about splains it. Thanks for the info.

G, sorry to keep bugging you. Did you use the brushes off of the original dust shoe or purchase new ones? If you used the old ones how did you remove? If not where did you purchase?

@Heyward43 Sorry for the delay, H. I was offline when you wrote. The brush came out of the plastic shoe part with a bit of heat and some easy prying with a very small screwdriver.

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Good to know, I was wondering the same thing. :slight_smile: Hoping to tackle this project some time this week.