Dust shoe installation

I designed one that just slips over the router, and is for a smaller shop-vac with a 1.25" suction tube. Makes it easy to just slide all the way up when finding “zero”, and uses the Makita clamp hardware. Check it out, hope it’s useful to others: slip-on-dust-shoe



I’ve printed off your design as I want clearance for my laser on one side.

Quick question, what is the part # for the Makita clamp? I’m searching
but haven’t found one yet.

Anyhoo, great design and thanks for sharing.


Hey Kris,

Thanks, I’m glad it printed out ok! I bought the longmill with the Makita option, so it came with a Makita RT0700C which had its own base/clamp. In the manual it doesn’t list separate part numbers for it, and I didn’t see anywhere online that just sold the base/clamp unfortunately. In any case, you probably don’t really need it…you could just put a bolt through the hole with a thumb screw and it would work just the same. You’re probably better off doing that actually…when I put the clamp on I also ditched the little gear that gives you precision adjustment since you don’t really need it.

Lol, I’ll take a look in the Makita box. I probably have the darn clamp. Doh!

If not bolt and thumb screw it is.