Fastening the spoilboard to the bench?

Trying to decide on how to fasten the LM to my bech. I have threaded inserts I could install into the bench and bolt the pieces down (8 @ 7.75") Or could hust screw them into bench by countersinking the screws. The table is designed with 2 7.75" x 46" of MDF and the waste board is comprised og 6 7.75" x 34-36" (not sure until I can see where the LM will cut as it will be the cutting size with no overlap for pass thru of larger sheets). There are also 7 t-tracks evenly spaced rhroughout the bed. Everything will be mounted on a 3/4" plywood bench.

@engraver99 I don’t quite understand you when you say you could bolt the pieces down (8 @ 7.75").

That said, one idea is to cut slots in the two strips that are under the feet. Pass bolts through those slots and through the table. Screw the feed to the strips. Do not screw through the strips in to the table. This way, when you square your Mill, if you need to move one of the Y rails back or forth, you can simply loosen the bolts and nudge it backwards or forwards. It makes it very easy to get things very precise.

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buy bolting it down I’m refering to bolding the mdf layer down (layer 1 -s the work bench which I don’t want to mess up to much, layer 2 is anothe shorter piece of 3/4 ply screwed into the workbench to hold the cnc - plan was to be able to unscrew this piece if need be to move it, The third layer - mdf I was going to use for the Y legs and the spoil board with t-tracks. By bolting them, I would use threaded inserts embedded into the 2nd layer of ply and countersink holes in the mdf for bolts to attach to the inserts. Otherwise I was just going to countersink some screws into the mdf and screw into the 2nd layer of ply (easy way).

I like your adjustment idea but I’d have to cut through the workbench table (layer 1 to do that)…altho I’m not ruling it out. I have a few days before my part comes in so I’m still thinking about it - thanks