Firmware updates online *issue*


I just want to mention , the firmware page is out of date again,

rather then just updating the page, why not put a Landing URL and make all of the firmware’s available?

“We keep all major LongMill firmware instances available for download, you’ll likely want to click to download the most recent one**: [LongMill MK2 Firmware (Feb 11, 2022)]**( Once downloaded, this will appear onto your computer as a compressed or ‘zipped’ file. Locate the downloaded file in your”

@Menglor that should still be the most recent firmware to download for the 30x30, is it the 48x30 firmware you’re thinking of?

OK, So your comments have me at a disadvantage.

Is there more then one firmwares for the longmill?

If I remember right, I though I heard someone say there was a new release of the firmware this past week when 1.13 released.

So, on the facebook group, I saw someone having a problem with gSender not connecting and Adriano IDE connecting fine, so I suggested he update his firmware.

I went to look at the “firmware page” (installing firmware using the IDE) and there is mention of the Feb 2022 build.

So, I guess I am a little more confused now.

Are there 2 versions of the firmware? or just the one?

if there are 2 versions of the firmware, its not obvious.


@Menglor In case @chrismakesstuff does not see this right away, I believe you are confusing gSender releases with firmware. gSender 1.13 is the current version of gSender. This is not the Long Mill firmware. It is the gcode sender. Chris linked to the most recent version of the firmware.

I understand the release of 1.13 is for g sender

However, there is mention of some firmware changes in the press release on the Facebook page or at least that’s what I remember

Followed up with the comment that Chris has made in this thread. I’m questioning whether there is two versions or not?

Point of this email thread originally was because I interpreted that there was a new release of the firmware, not just the g sender version

I’m not in a panic that doesn’t affect me. Just looking for clarification

Gotcha, yeah the post I believe you’re mentioning is this one LongMill and Mill One User Group | Facebook, but to add some clarity all the changes mentioned in the post are in relation to the Firmware tool within gSender, not the Firmware of the LongMill itself

If that still doesn’t make sense or I’m missing something let me know

With the page you’re still technically correct since we don’t have download links for the other two sizes of machines so I’ll note it down to provide links for those in the near future, but yeah since the release of the MK2 we’ve never changed the MK2 firmware that I can recall

Yeah no I understood once you made the comment I went back and looked at the Facebook post

I saw firmware and we just got excited