First sign project

Just a basic sign. I used vinyl to mask before v carving.


Nice work! What kind of vinyl did you use for your mask?

Oracle 651. My wife is into vinyl cutting. I managed to talk her out of a piece of the vinyl to test this method.

I used pine wood with two coats of shellac applied, sanded lightly and cleaned with damp lint free cloth, before the vinyl went on. Once the vinyl was down and no bubbles, the cutting was crisp. Before painting I did apply some shellac in the cut areas to keep the paint from bleeding.

After that blue masking tape and spray paint, took off vinyl and seal. Really easy and gave good results.

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Awesome thank you for the tips! That is the same vinyl I use for all my vinyl projects too. It’s good stuff!

Nice work Roger.

I use the Oracal Oramask 813 masking vinyl. It is specifically made for this type of masking.

At Amazon Canada, you can get a 50 x 1 foot roll for C$ 49.99. To me that’s a great price, especially since I don’t have a spouse that has a Cricut machine.


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