First successes!

I finally got the time to get a couple of pieces carved correctly.

The sign is the same as shows on my business cards. I copied the mallet & chisel from a JPG in Inkscape then imported it into Carbide Create and added the text.

I like that Carbide Create has all the fonts that I have available on my PC.

The gear design I created following a tutorial. I used plywood so it turned out a bit fuzzy. Next time I’ll use a nice hardwood.



Very nice. Looks good. Fun having that instant gratification on something like that isn’t it?

Very cool! Good project to get familiar with the machine and the workflow.


Hay @ronboklein, you got a picture of the new gears to share too?

Here’s a shot of the strip of gears I cut a couple of weeks ago.


@ronboklein I want to thank you for stopping by and giving us some of your gears as gifts. I turned my gear into a Christmas ornament and now have it hung onto my Christmas tree as a memento to remember this whole year by. What a wild ride it was this year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@chrismakesstuff Absolutely my pleasure!
I’m expecting the Longmill will keep me busy over the next couple of cold months and for a long time after that.

Who knows, maybe I might make a buck or too with it as well.

All the best to You guys in the New Year.


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