First Surfacing Attempt Failure!

I’ve just completed the assembly and initial testing of my 30” x 30” MK2. Everything seems to function properly and I’ve performed the squaring procedure twice, with my first attempt saying me that I needed to move one leg back 2.5 mm to square the machine a little better. After adjustments were made, it is telling me that I now have to move one leg back .5 mm. So far, so good as I’m happy with only being out of square that tiny amount!

So after installing my new spoil board, I’m using the Surfacing program in GSender. My problem is that when I hit start, the Z axis gantry goes to the top of its travel but neither the X or Y axis motors will move. I’ve attempted this 5 or 6 times now with the same results each time. Obviously, I’m missing something. Can someone please advise?

It may be that you have inadvertantly chosen the incorrect profice for you machine, you may want to verify theis on firmware screen. It is easy to mistake MK1 for MK2 and vice versa

Andy, I’ve triple checked everything that I can think of including the machine set up but I will ch3 k it all again this morning! Thanks!

Andy, it’s got something to do with the proximity sensors. I disabled these and restarted the Resurfacing program and it works now! I’ve obviously got to go back to the setup for the proximity sensors.

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