Free G code editor

I’m looking into the various free G code editors and was wondering if anyone here is using one that they find good.
Specifically, I would like to be able to use an editor to delete the portion of a tool path that has already run when the Mill freezes. That way, I could start exactly where the Mill froze with a new, edited tool path.
I’ve learned that there is more to it than simply deleting lines. I tried that in Notepad, which edited the file just fine it seemed, but when I ran the edited G code, the Mill did not go to where it had left off. So, in addition to simply deleting lines, I need to learn what needs to be in any tool path file as a sort of “header” to tell the Mill some basics it needs before running the actual tool paths.
So far, I’ve tried the editing features of UGS which are not good as you cannot do a search to find the line where the freeze happened. I’ve tried the simple Notepad, which did allow me to find the line where the Mill froze, using coordinates, but does not show the line number, which would make things easier.
I think that maybe we would all be well served if we can find a good editor as a way to help overcome some of the downside to the freezes that we are experiencing, since there does not seem to be an imminent solution to them.
Thanks for any advice.

For free software for nc output files i think notepad is the best bet. I know there is one on this site i have not used may help you more. I use cimco it works well but is a paid version i am currently on the wait list for my machine so hopefully you guys can figure out all the fixes before mine is finished. The forums have been good reading so far.

Tks, Tristan. I’ll look into predator.

How did that work out for?

I’ve only started playing with it. I don’t think that it offers much more than notepad+. It does not include line numbers when displaying the gcode. So, knowing the line number where things froze, as indicated by UGS, does not help at all.
I plan to play a bit more with it, but right now, my Mill is behaving perfectly, so I have not needed to edit a file.

If you’re looking for a simple text editor with line numbers I’d recommend Visual Studio Code – it’s free, and there are extensions you can get to even add gcode syntax highlighting.

gcode extension:

Tks, Adam. I’ll look into it.