G Sender disconnecting from Machine after a run

I am finding that gsender is continuing to show that it is still running even after the CNC machine has returned to home when the job was done. Then after a few seconds of this it disconnects itself from the machine. To correct the issue I am forced to close gsender and turn off the machine for about a minute. When I restart gender and the machine everything then works fine until it does it again. It does not do it every time I complete a run. It happens about one in five times. Is there a way to fix this issue.

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Trying to learn more abut gSenders problems … following

I had trouble connecting to machine and had random disconnects constantly. It would not disconnect from machine when running jobs, just when idle. Either before or after running job.

Fixed it by changing USB cable that came with the longmill to a shielded cable.

I was going to make a post about the cable and my problems. Since changing cable I have had zero disconnects.

Aloha Ryecon,
Changing out the cable did the trick.
Mahalo, Bill

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