G sender error message?

I shut down fast & pulled the laptop. trying to restart, the longmill hums but I get an error message when trying to connect.

@Dougiefresh I’ve moved your post to the gSender board so that it will be seen more quickly by the gSender group at Sienci.

It would help them and others to help you if you quote the error message that you are getting or post a screen cap of it. Without that information, it is pretty much impossible to advise you.


Just a WAG, maybe your COM port changed when you shut down fast. Shutting down fast is a big red flag. We would need anassloadmoreinfo to help you out of this one…

Thanks, It worked it’s self out after an extended shut down.

@Dougiefresh I’ll close this thread, Doug, as you have resolved your issue. If it recurs, I can always open it again.