Gantry moves out of the way when gSender project is done

Just trying to figure out what sets the gantry to move back out of the way when a project is finished. I’d like it to just raise the router and stop there. This way I don’t have to worry about it moving back and the MK2 dust shoe hits a hold down clamp. Or, understand where it’s going to move to when it’s done.

@macNmurz - Mike, you might get some sort of answer from other cnc’ers. As it stands now when the job finishes it should raise to safe height and move back to X0Y0. Just make sure your safe height is high enough to clear any clamps. Another option is to edit your gcode to see if you can modify the ending code to do what you want. Here is an example of one of my projects (last 5 lines):


Not sure why the 2 Z lines but that would raise the Z about 1 inch then move to X0Y0. You could, of course, remove the X0Y0 so just the Z would raise up and stop there.

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Awesome details as always. I’ll make it a habit to review the gcode. I’m using Fusion 360, so I’ll see if there are any presets for that. Thanks again for helping out with the User Forms!

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What post processor?
Can you share the last ten lines of your gcode?