Gcode and 3D model file uploading

Hey all, quick update here to let you know that I’ve now set up the forum so that you can upload and share g-code files within the discussion threads. This should be useful for our community to be able to exchange files back and forth and is also beneficial for troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Example: Test.gcode (134.5 KB)

One thing I want to make clear with g-code files in particular is that they have the potential to contain malicious g-code which could alter your machine firmware or contain custom commands that could damage your machine. If you want to be downloading g-code off this forum (or anywhere online for that matter) ensure that you’re thoroughly inspecting the g-code before attempting to run it on your machine. I would hope that there would be no malicious activity happening here, but I just want to keep everybody informed.

As far as uploading 3D models, I have yet to decide on a setup that I would be confident in implementing since 3D models on average have much larger file sizes and thus are harder to manage. In the meantime, I think it would be best to be uploading your models to any of the well-known model hosting websites (ex. Thingiverse, Onshape, MyMiniFactory, etc.) and sharing the link in your thread.

That’s the end of this update, let me know what you guys think :+1:


Sounds good. As for 3D prints just setup a group on Thingiverse and re-direct us there. Why use up your HD space. :wink:

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That actually reminds me that we haven’t yet gotten around to posting all the LongMill files to Thingiverse :open_mouth:

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To echo the thoughts about malware in G-code - I would use something like Camotics, which is a free CAM simulator, to check out any g-code.

Also, @chrismakesstuff I’m not sure what other folks use but I would like to be able to insert Carbide Create files on the forum - I don’t mid the links to Google Drive too much though. I understand having too many formats is probably asking for problems