Getting back into the groove

Been working 90 hours a week since February so my cnc time has been nil. I feel like I’ve lost a year.

Anyhow, thing are getting back to normal for me, so here’s a finished project my wife requested. My 60* vbit didn’t cut deep enough so I’m exploring other options.


@David I love that, David.

Which part of the plaque is not deep enough? What CAM software are you using?

The small lettering on the bottom isnt deep enough. I filled everything with paint and sanded it down to clean it up. By the the I got all the mess off the surface, some of those letters were gone. I actually sharpied them back on before I topcoated it. It looks ok, but I’m gonna try it again, maybe with a 22* liner bit on some parts.

I made it from scratch with vcarve pro. It’s copied pretty close from a sign from Google image search, but it turned out to be easier to remake it entirely than to get the bitmap converter to work cleanly.