Greetings from California

May 9th 2022 I have become a Sienci Labs customer and I took the plunge and purchased The Longmill MK2 and a laser with some other additional components. I even purchased Vetric Vcrave Pro. I am a traditional woodworker who does use machines to mill and process wood. I am looking forward to learning how to use a CNC so please in the near future bear with my questions.

Also if there is anyone that has a CNC Sienci or otherwise that lives or resides near Fresno California drop me a line or two. Greetings to all and to all have a wonderful day and let the creativity flow. Take care until next we speak. Jack

@Jwar Well greetings from the cornfields of Iowa Jack! I am a long ways from you but I wanted to welcome you to the family here. Lots of really good folks here. I recently got my mk2 and hopefully will be doing my first carve tomorrow. Had some learning to do, and still to do, but Iā€™m confident the folks here will drag me through any issue I may come across.

You should have a much shorter wait time than lots of us here. Best be getting your table built! I too purchased vcarve pro. That is some nice software, Iā€™m just crawling but hope to someday walk with it.

Have a great day sir!


Thank you and great hearing that you are about to carve. I am very rusty with software last time I earnestly touched design software was AutoCad LT 98 with some Solidworks tossed in. I have dabbled with Fusion 360 and Sketchup 2021/2022 Pro. But only in the learning phases. My plate is going to be full as I will be starting the learning on Vcarve Pro now and will be continuing with Sketchup also as I have a full woodshop and I am going to build my own custom cabinets and plantation shutters for my own house. I am looking forward to learning CNC and integrating CNC to my shop.
I hope your carvings tomorrow goes as planned and inspiration strikes and your creativity takes off.

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