Growth chart for the kiddos

This is a growth chart I made to give my kiddos for Christmas this year. I know this type of project has been done by several others, but it was good experience using tiling for the tool paths. Loving the accuracy of the longmill!


Looks great! Any links for using tiling? Do you set a reference for when one ‘window’ ends and the next begins? Just curious how one should go about a long piece like this.

@shaun_adam Thank you! I don’t have any links (not sure how to post that yet ha ha) but I went on YouTube and searched toolpath tiling vectric, (should be the first video that pops up) I would definitely check that out.

Yes, I have a reference with two 3/8" diameter holes milled into my wasteboard (to use with 3/8" dowel rods) at the beginning of the project.

Next, in my design I made sure to put another set of holes at 27" (center to center) on the Y-axis with the first set of holes. Because of the length of the project I had to do two sets.

Then, create your tool paths as if you were going to cut it all out in one shot.

Next, in Vcarve pro there is a tile tool paths option. That brings up the tiling wizard, and in there you can select how long you want each tile to be and how much overlap you want for each tile. In my case I wanted my tiles to be 27" with 1/2" overlap per tile. That way the mill would machine the locating holes for each move of the workpiece.

I probably made it sound way more difficult than it is. Let me know if this helps you out!

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That all makes sense. Thanks so much!

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