gSender 0.6.9 outline z plunge at end

I was checking out the new gSender version 0.6.9 performing a pocketing operation. I used the cool new outline feature and it raised the router 0.197" traced the outline and then at the end moved the router past Z=0.000 and attempted to push the end mill to -0.197. I ran this a few more times with the router at a new higher Z=0.000 and it repeated the post outlining Z movement to -0.197. I did not see an outline settings page so I wanted to report this. I love the feature and can work around the below zero plunge, but thought you fine folks would want to know.


@whittamps the heads up on this was appreciated and helped us to find the issue you mentioned. Have you tried the outline feature on a more recent version with greater success?

I’ll just bump this up again in case this was missed. If anyone else has seen this and then saw it was fixed I’d appreciate feedback from you too :+1:

all good now for outline using 7.4