gSender 1.2.0 - Tool change option problem

Sorry for posting this here, but for some reason I can no longer create new topics…

I am trying to use the new 1.2.0 gSender Tool Change Option of “Fixed Tool Sensor.” Everything seems OK except the tool change number is not updating in the dialog box. It’s repeating the previous tool number instead of the next one. In the gcode attached, I get the correct prompts for the first two tools, but the third is always wrong. It displays the second tool number again. If I run the same gcode using the “Pause” tool change option the correct tool numbers are always displayed.

I am running on a Shapeoko 3 with a bitsetter using Windows 11 on a BeeLink GK55 mini computer with a low end processor. (Intel J4125)

I also randomly get gcode file errors. Like “Error 2 on Line 63 - Bad Number Format” or “Error 38 on Line 142 - Invalid g-code ID:38” Especially when changing the Feed Rate Override while running a file. (2.6 KB)

Thanks for any help I can get on this!

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@SLabuta I created a new topic for your post, Steve. I can’t see any reason why you cannot start a new topic. Please close and re-open the forum and try a test post. If it still fails, DM me and I’ll see what I can find out.

Thanks Grant,

It seems that I can’t create a new topic when I am in the base gSender area of the forum. If I go out to the root, I can create them and if I go under a sub-category “Bug, Question…” in the gSender area I can create them as well. I don’t remember that happening before, but I have not been that active here so maybe I just don’t remember correctly.


@SLabuta Understood, Steve. I am not sure, but I believe that is by design. We would prefer that all posts in any topic be in the sub-categories. I try to stay on top of that and move them. I didn’t know that, at least in the gSender topic, posting in the sub-categories was “forced”.

I will not pursue this further. I just wanted to make sure that you could start new topics.

Hey Steve, thanks for the feedback. These errors might already be known by our team but I’ll link @KGN anyway. Looks like:

  1. a simple tool number bug, where tool number is repeating past the 2nd tool change
  2. this bug that I’ve been able to create too where errors are created but the code isn’t bad and nothing actually goes wrong with the job, me and the team are brainstorming some ways to be handling this too
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