gSender 7.1 Beta Joystick Support

This was reported on the FB Group , I have reproduced it.

Using a SNES Joystick Controller. ( Clone)

Added Profile : Controller (vendor:0079 Product: 0126)

Go into profile.

Click + for Zero X Axis
(note: Waiting for button press) is displayed.
press the X button
(note: Button press detected displayed, Last button pressed : 0 displayed.)
Ability to type name. and SET button enabled.

Click + for Zero Y Axis
(note: Waiting for button press) is displayed.
Press the D-PAD Down button
(Note: No button press detected, no screen change, unable to name shortcut. Set button disabled.)
Press ANY button on the controller, except the Dpad, and it registers a button press.


Controller used:

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@Menglor, just going through bugs today and came across this one once again. We don’t have the same model controller on hand for testing but I’m wondering if the couple tweaks we made to the joystick handling has fixed this issue or if it’s still not functioning?


SO I have the SNES controller and a Xbox controller.

I just installed 7.2

using the SNES controller, the D-pad does nothing when recording the button presses. (X ,Y,A,B ) buttons do regester as expected.

using the Xbox Controller, the D pad registers all 4 buttons, however the 2 Thumbsticks do not register any presses (D-pad and XYAB buttons do register button presses)

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Ok, we’ll spend some more time at it :+1: