gSender bug with surfacing

After the surfacing program completes, it raises the router on the Z axis to 3 inches. Unfortunately, it only goes up 2 inches. So, if you send it to “all zero” it will go an inch deep into the board.

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@Jimbo Jim: Can you explain a little more? The final Z command in the gcode for the surfacing program is a Z3, as you say. I’m confused when you say that it only rises 2". It could happen that it only rises in Z by 2" if it hits the top of the Z travel. But, I can’t grasp how a Z3 command can only result in a Z move of 2" otherwise.

You are probably hitting the top of the gantry with the Z3. I really think they should revise the programing to reduce the Z travel at the end of the gcode. I always have to edit the code, which takes away from the purpose of this automated feature. Keep :smiley:

That’s possible, I’ll test that today and let you know (if it’s hitting the top of the Z).

I think @Heyward43 was having this issue too but I think we addressed the bug in the latest version of gSender. @Jimbo could you let me know if you’re experiencing the issue anymore?

Just got back to test, sorry it took so long.

After surfacing a 3/4" board, the router went up to and gSender set it’s Z location to 3.00 inches. I was able to go up another 0.092 to 3.092.

Bringing the surface bit to the 0 of a similar board leaves the Z at .980. So, it changes my Z zero to about -1.

If I forget to reset it, and I have, it goes down into my waste board (I’m usually working with 3/4 " boards) and knocks my system out of alignment.

Update (again): I just did another surface of a 3/4" board. I noticed at completion, It returned to X and Y zero, but what I didn’t notice before, the Z axis came down just a bit. Meaning, it probably went as high as it could and then came back down to 3". This would explain my earlier update of being able to raise it another .092".

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Jimbo what version is this happening on for you? I had thought we’d fixed the 3 inch travel at surfacing completion one of two versions ago

It was an older version. I’ve since upgraded to 7.3.

You guys have a great product and I’m having lots of fun learning how to use it (more mistakes and scrap boards than good products, but hey, it’s a learning process).