Gsender carving in mm

Hey there.
I took the summer off from my MK2 and just getting back into things but came across a problem. I use Vcarve to design and then gsender to send the gcode. Problem is gsender will only carve in mm, even when the setting is in inches. Can’t figure it out at all. Thought maybe I was doing something wrong and rechecked everything many times. Any help would be great

Welcome to the forum @madmedic! Are you using one of GRBL (mm) or GRBL (Inch) post processor? It should be possible to work in Vectric in inches, export using the GRBL (mm) PP for accuracy, and then display it in inches in gSender. That’s the way I do it on the rare occasion that I work in inches.

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Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was doing, using the wrong processor.