Gsender disconnecting during a project

I have had it happen a few times, I removed the dust boot, and it still does it, it is random, I havea work around when it happens. Windows 10 has a widget that let’s you record the screen , so when I was doing an Aztec calender vcarve, when it disconnected, I could watch the video and seewhat line it was at, I could start at that line.anybody h a very this happen?

@Tsmodie Search on "freeze’, Tim and you will find many threads of tool paths freezing in mid run and the various things users have done to address the problem.

I had daily freezes using UGS for a long, frustrating period. In my case, the solution was to ground everything that got in the way and remove the power cable for the router from the drag chain. Others did neither of those things and solved the problem. It seems that there is no one size to fit all.

A good first step is to make sure that Windows is not reducing the power to the USB port that you connected the Mill controller to. In windows 10, you should look at the Power settings in control panel any USB drivers in the device manager tab of system. I missed a usb3.0 driver early on, so check everything.